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What is Use Tax?

Consumer Use tax is a substitute for sales tax. It is paid directly to the state by the purchaser of taxable property or taxable services when the vendor does not charge tax at the time of sale. Just because your vendor does not charge you tax at the point of

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Demystifying Extensions for Tax Deadlines

Tax Extensions in a Nutshell Tax extensions can be highly advantageous for many taxpayers. One major advantage is that it allows taxpayers up to 6 additional months to gather all of their tax documents and get their proverbial ducks in a row. Another advantage to consider, especially for individuals and

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Vehicle Expenses

How Should I Deduct My Vehicle Expenses? There are two acceptable methods to use when deducting vehicle expenses; the standard mileage deduction and actual expenses. While either method is acceptable in most cases (see below for exceptions, considerations, and nuances), each one will invariably yield different deduction amounts. Therefore, careful

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